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With a mobile fitness studio, we can bring our mobile fun-fitness studio anywhere, be it your company, school, organization or event! Just give us a space, and people, and we’ve got the rest!

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Frequently asked questions & rates:

Why book FiF Element for fitness classes?
Because we, at FiF Element, believe in providing quality services and are committed to making sure that every one who discovers “fun fitness” through FiF Element, will walk (or skip) away loving fitness!

Who books FiF Element?
Any one, group or company whose interested in introducing fitness to their staff, clients or social group.

What kind of space or equipment would we need to accommodate your classes?
A large enough space to hold all the people you desire to attend. A gym, an aerobic studio, or any non-carpeted surfaced floor is best; however, classes can be held on a carpeted floor; although if held over a long period of time, can cause bodily issues such as joint issues (i.e. knees, and hips). The body works best when it is free to move about.

If the facility does not have a sound system, FiF Element can provide a sound system. If your facility already has a sound system, with cordless mic capabilities, that is a huge plus, but not a requirement.

When do you perform classes?
Mainly in the afternoons and evenings, but we’re flexible so it’s whenever the group need us to!

How much are your classes & do you have group rates?
We absolutely have great group rates!

To book classes, demos, speaking engagements, or receive additional information, contact Cortney H. Wilson at 704-516-8268, or email

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*Look for Cortney teaching other places throughout Forsyth County! See her class schedule for more details.